Grass Spot Green Up
Grass Spot Green Up
Grass Spot Green Up

Grass Spot Green Up

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Nitrogen (N)........... 12%
Phosphorus (P)...... 3%
Potassium (K)........ 6%
Sulphur (S)............. 18%

Directions: Apply evenly at a rate of 1 lb. per 160 square feet. Water immediately after application.

For small spots, sprinkle the equivalent of 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) per square foot and water immediately.

Grass Spot Green Up is a 12-3-6 fertilizer formulated to correct the yellowing areas in green yards that can sometimes be mistaken for iron chlorosis.

  • Quick release fertilizer
  • Nutrients are immediately available to plants upon irrigation or rainfall
  • Quickly stimulate shoot growth and greening
  • Use early spring to boost your trees and recovery from the hard winter climate
  • Great for newly established lawns
  • For an added boost to green up your lawns, use Grass Spot Green Up with Opulent Blends Almighty Iron
  • Can be used on all turf
  • Resealable bag

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