Opulent Blends

Opulent Iron

(Foliar Application)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Iron (Fe)……..   7.315%

Derived From:

Ferrous Citrate

Dilution Rate:

Lawns: Apply 4 fl. oz. per 1 gallon of water (Covers 1,000 sq. ft.).

Plants: Apply 2 fl. oz. per 1 gallon of water. Spray fine mist.

Opulent Iron is One of its Own Kind

A  7.315% Iron product that worked without showing toxicity was not available until Opulent Iron, especially with a dilution rate that is very low at 4 fl. oz. per gallon of water. A low dilution rate with a high Iron percentage simply means more product for you. Opulent Iron is very systemic, so there is very little needed to see results quickly, in contrast to other products which would take 1 week to see results at a high dilution rates. 

Benefits Include:

  • A fast acting systemic  product.
  • A low dilution rate that covers 1,000 sq. ft.
  • A very high Iron percent
  • Keep the green color of your lawn/ plants longer
  • VERY VERY fast acting for Iron deficiency

Before Opulent Iron treatment

After 2 Applications of Opulent Iron

Why Use Ferrous Citrate to Increase Iron Content?

As we all know, Iron plays a key role in the green appearance of plants, but unfortunately not every Iron product works effectively to help the green appearance. The reason why not every Iron product works effectively is because the Iron is not systemic enough to get deep into the plant from foliar application. On the other hand, Ferrous Citrate is one of the highest systemic Iron derivatives, simply it is a rapidly absorbing Iron complex. The creation of Opulent Iron focused to give plants/lawns the exact amount of Iron it needs to get deep into the plant (Too much of something is never good except if its a lot of super green lawns, which that is totally fine).

Below are some key features Ferrous Citrate has on plants/lawns:

  • Required to acquire sufficient amounts of Iron to meet physiological demands while also staying below the toxicity levels.
  • Use of Ferrous Citrate is also accompanied by morphological changes in the root structure and architecture, such as increased formation and branching of root hairs.
  • Helps in lateral root formation and root tip swelling.
  • Helpful in increasing root surface area.
  • Control of Iron chlorosis which is caused by deficiency of Iron in plants.
  • Application in the form of foliar spray is more beneficial as it provides rapid results.

How Good is Opulent Iron?

Opulent Iron provides fast acting Iron, which a majority of the time results are seen in as little as 1 day. There aren’t any products that can increase Iron concentration in a plant/ lawn by 322% in 1 day without showing toxicity. In fact, many products may not even exceed a 100% increase in 1 day .

The Bar graph shows how systemic Opulent Iron truly is after just 1 day of application, which is why lawns/ plants turn green quickly. Results were acquired by performing a plant tissue analysis to determine the Iron concentration inside the plant.