Opulent Blends

Why Use Opulent Blends Products?

Opulent Aminos

Opulent Aminos is a foliar applied product, allowing plants to respond quickly and creating a safer environment for plants. By foliar applying Opulent Aminos the plant will be able to take in the Amino Acids faster which will increase plant growth such as number of leaves, yield, height, and enhance root growth.  

The amino acids in Opulent Aminos are an energy source because applying amino acids to plants, there will be a reduction in the need for energy and nutrients. This is why amino acids work so well in increasing each plants valuable variables (i.e. plant height, yield, root growth, chlorophyll, and turgidity).

Opulent Aminos is best suited for the people that want a fast and excellent treatment for their plants.

Benefits of Opulent Aminos:

  • Foliar applied
  • Increase overall growth
  • Fast treatment
  • The plant is able to use its energy to maximize growth because the plant won’t be trying to create as many amino acids.

Bloom Boom

Bloom Boom is a Multi-Nutritional, which means you will get everything you need to increase bloom count. You want more flowers or higher yield? Increase flowers and yield by foliar applying Bloom optimizer. Bloom Boom contains all the necessary nutrients to enhance bloom development.

Bloom Boom contains the following:

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper, Sulfur, Zinc(chelated), Calcium(chelated), Magnesium(chelated), Manganese(chelated), Boron, Iron (chelated), and Molybdenum.

Each ingredient and dosage concentration plays a specific role to insure the highest bloom count possible. 

Benefits of Bloom Boom:

  • Increase bloom count tremendously

Opulent Iron

Opulent Iron provides the best iron uptake of any product on the market. Opulent Iron can start increasing iron in one day. Iron is directly related to greenness because iron is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll. More chlorophyll = Greener plants. If a plant lacks iron, the plant will go into chlorosis which is the lack of chlorphyll and leaf color will not be green. All iron products on the market state they can increase iron to a sufficient level, but with Opulent Iron plants will uptake iron 10x faster than other iron products on the market. 

Benefits of Opulent Iron:

  • See results in 1 day
  • Systemic