Why is Manganese important?
Manganese Deficiency

The symptoms of manganese deficiency vary greatly from one species to the next. Leaves often show an interveinal chlorosis. the veins making a green pattern on a yellow background, much as in early stages of iron deficiency. There may be necrotic spots or streaks on leaves ("grey speck" of oats), and in legume seeds, necrosis may appear in the embryo or the adjacent inner surfaces of the cotyledons. Leaves of some species become malformed ("mouse ear" of pecans). In severe cases, plants are stunted.

Opulent Manganese
Opulent Manganese

Opulent Manganese

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Opulent Manganese is a 12% liquid manganese fertilizer developed to move internally throughout the plant, allowing for quick uptake and correction of deficiencies. Complexed with amino acids, it is EDTA free and free of harsh impurities.  

  • Quickly corrects manganese deficiencies in plants and trees
  • Increases the availability of Phosphorous (P) and Calcium (Ca)
  • Helps make Nitrogen (N) usable by plants
  • Aids in chlorophyll synthesis, enhances starch production, and activates enzymes involved in photosynthesis
  • Induces cell division and elongation and activates enzymes involved in the photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism.
  • Synthesizes lignin, which adds firmness to cell walls
  • Plays a role in pollen germination and pollen tube growth
  • Contributes to resistance of various soil-borne disease and fungal leaf disease
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Opulent Manganese is systemic and VERY mobile in plants whereas manganese is typically not mobile within plants.
  • Commercial grade now available to the consumer in a 16oz bottle

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