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Amino Acids, The Building Blocks of All life

Amino acids play an important role in life for all living organisms, but especially in plants. Plants can be deficient in nutrients or amino acids, which can alter growth and decrease crop production. Amino acids are within the structure of a plant. Applying amino acids to a plant directly can substantially improve the health and growth of a plant.


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Non-essential amino acids

how can amino acids be useful?​

Amino Acids can be very useful to a fertilizer program when applied correctly. By using Opulent Blends amino acid based products you can expect the right amino acids for the right situation. Opulent Blends supplies growers with high-quality amino acids that play specific roles within the plant.  To learn more about amino acids, click here

why are amino acids
important to growers?

Applying amino acid biostimulants is very beneficial to plants. In fact, functions of each amino acid plays a specific role in plant growth. Using amino acids improves plant growth directly, but amino acids can also be complexed with cations (e.g. copper, calcium, magnesium, iron,  and more) which can increase the desired nutrient within the plant. By adding amino acids to a fertilizer program, there will be better crop production within two weeks and will continue as long as there are amino acids in the fertilizer program that can continue excellent plant growth, substantial yield, and good health.

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