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Nitrogen (N)...... 4%
Calcium (Ca)...... 6%
Boron (B)............ 0.25%

Directions are the same for all growth stages and should be applied every 1-2 weeks or as needed.

Vegetables and Flowering Plants: Mix 0.32 fl. oz. (2 teaspoons) of Cal-Bor in one gallon of water. Spray fine mist on plants.

Trees: Mix 1.28 fl. oz. (2.5 tablespoons or 2.5 cap full) of Cal-Bor in one gallon of water. Spray fine mist on tree foliage.

Cal-Bor is a calcium and boron liquid fertilizer used to correct common calcium and boron deficiencies. Calcium and boron work synergistically to enhance cell wall formation and growth.

  • Improves the formation and growth of cell walls.
  • Aids in the uniform development of shoots, leaves and flowers.
  • Contributes to disease resistance.
  • Assists in preventing fruit splitting and poor shelf life.
  • Improves transport of carbohydrates.
  • May be used to repair damaged plant tissue.

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