Why is Zinc important?

Zinc is important for proper involvement of several enzymes within plants. When these enzymes aren't being used within the plant, growth and development decreases. Plants that are zinc deficient have far less carbohydrates, proteins, and chlorophyll when compared to plants with a sufficient level of zinc.

Zinc Deficiency

"Little leaf" and "rosetta" are the classical symptoms of zinc deficiency in fruit trees. Both these syndromes result from failure of tissues to grow normally. Failure of leaves to expand causes little leaf, and failure of internodes to elongate causes leaves at successive nodes to be so closely telescoped as to give rise to the rossette symptom. In some species, leaves become chlorotic, but in others, leaves may be dark green or blue-green. Leaves may become twisted and necrotic. Flowering and fruiting are much reduced under conditions of severe zinc deficiency, and the entire plant may be stunted.

Opulent Zinc
Opulent Zinc

Opulent Zinc

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Opulent Zinc is a 23% liquid zinc fertilizer. Developed to move internally throughout the plant, allowing for quick uptake and correction of deficiencies. Complexed with amino acids, it is EDTA free and free of harsh impurities.

  • Corrects zinc deficiencies in plants and trees.
  • Opulent Zinc is mobile in plants whereas other zinc products are typically immobile in plants.
  • Aids in chlorophyll production, carbohydrate, starch, and seed formation.
  • Key to tolerance of drought stress.
  • Plays major role in hormone and enzyme systems.
  • Commercial grade now available to the consumer in a 16 fl. oz. bottle.

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