Conduit Turf Builder

Conduit Turf Builder

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Contains a propietary blend of Lactobacillus spp.’s, Leuconostoc spp.’s, Bacillus spp.’s, and Streptomyces spp.’s.

Apply once per month for 3 months, then once
every 2 months or as needed.

This bottle covers up to 3,000 sq. ft. (32 fl. oz.)

Hose End Sprayer: Pour 32 fl. oz. of turf builder
into hose end sprayer.

Ensure sprayer head is on bottle tight,
then attach water hose to spray head attachment
and turn to “ON” position then turn on water. Spray until
Turf Builder (32 fl. oz.) is evenly distributed amongst
3,000 sq. ft. of application area.

When finished spraying, switch the sprayer head to
“OFF” and turn off water then disconnect water hose
from sprayer head attachment.

Backpack/Pump Up Sprayer: Mix 1  . oz. of Turf
Builder per 1 gallon of water and evenly apply over 100
sq. ft. of application area. After applying, water

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