General Purpose Garden Oil

General Purpose Garden Oil

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Proprietary Crop Oil........ 90%
Inert Ingredients.............. 10%

Apply 1 fl oz (30 ml) of General Purpose Garden Oil in one gallon of water. Spray fine mist on foliage. May be reapeated every 10-15 days.

Prevegenics General Purpose Garden Oil is a safe and natural food grade quality, citrus infused mineral oil used to control pests.  It can be used on plants such as vegetables, fruits, shrubs and trees.  

  • Controls piercing, sucking and chewing disease causing insects such as mites, psyllids, whiteflies, etc.
  • Effective on powdery mildew, rust and more
  • Suitable for fruit and nut trees, berries, vegetables, grasses and ornamentals
  • Actively protects plants
  • Citrus infused mineral oil
  • Environmentally safe and safe around pets and humans

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