Stump Knocker
Stump Knocker

Stump Knocker

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Lactobacillus Species..... 10%
Decaying Catalyst........... 90%

Drill holes in stump 4 to 6 inches apart.
Spray the stump with fine mist and allow time for the water to soak into the wood.
Pour Stump Knocker into the holes.
Cover the stump with plastic or tarp.
Cover the tarp and base of the stump with mulch. The mulch must stay moist as this will ensure enough water is present to react with Stump Knocker.
Additional Stump Knocker may be applied once a month. Remove decayed wood and repeat directions.

Stump Knocker stimulates the decomposition and decay of tree stumps.  

  • Must be applied before cambium layer closes after cutting
  • Expedites stump decay when applied to fresh cut wood.  
  • Provides microorganisms with nitrogen needed to breakdown wood
  • Save the cost and trouble of stump grinder

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